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STOIK Software Deformer 2.0

Deformer transforms images turning them into a caricature, or movie
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With the Deformer v2.0 software it is possible to transform images. This program allows for the import of any image file, which then can be turned into a caricature, or movie, which is then played back in real time.
The program has one clear advantage and that is the possibility to export animations to AVI, animated GIF or image file sequences which can then be saved for later use. This can save an enormous amount of time when working on future projects. With the software it is also possible to print any animation frames that you choose. It also supports many kinds of imaging formats, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, PCX, PNG, PSD, TARGA, TIFF, FlashPix and PhotoCD.
The large working screen size makes it easy for the user to do what they want to. The pictures are also shown with interpolation, something that can also be run during the animated playback. The finished work can also be previewed in a good quality so the user can see if the desired outcome has been reached. The Deformer program comes with 28 real time tools to work with, on top of the global effects and compositing tools. The user can then add explosions, whirls, saves, ripples and many other effects.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Can use animations for new pictures, automatical compression, many effects


  • Complex and need to learn about tools
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